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Activity-Based Costing: A Fresh Approach to Organizational Planning and Budgeting

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Association Management
Lance R. Lewis, MBA
45 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Jul 27, 2018
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Many nonprofit organizations develop budgets based on traditional methods utilized by accountants and finance managers. This is good for external reporting but less useful for internal decision-making about organizational priorities and alignment to the budget. Activity Based Costing (ABC) is an approach that makes transparent all the activities of the organization and their associated costs which provides useful information to management. This session introduces the concept of ABC accounting, benefits and showcases real-world examples.

Educational Objectives and/or Takeaways

  • Understand concept of activity-based costing vs traditional accounting methods
  • Understand different activity measures and methods
  • Know how to read and interpret an activity-based costing report



Credits Offered: 0.75


As a CAE Approved Provider educational program related to the CAE exam content outline, this program may be applied for credits toward your CAE application or renewal professional development requirements.

Note: This program is not endorsed, accredited, or affiliated with ASAE or the CAE program. Applicants may use any program that meets eligibility requirements in the specific time frame towards the exam application or renewal. There are no specific individual courses required as part of the applications – selection of eligible education is up to the applicant based on his/her needs.


Lance R. Lewis, MBA's Profile

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Chief Operating Officer

California Medical Association

Lance Lewis is the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of the California Medical Association (CMA), representing more than 43,000 members. As COO, he oversees the Departments of Executive Management, Physician Governance, Finance and Administration, Human Resources, Information Technology and Facilities Management. With more than 20 years of experience, Lewis has distinguished himself as a chief executive with expertise in strategy execution and cultivator of talent, systems, and processes that support a high-performance culture. During his tenure as COO, Lewis has transformed the budgeting process from a traditional accounting method to an activity-based costing model, orchestrated the sale of a subsidiary creating a perpetual endowment for CMA, restructured/eliminated long-term debt, and implemented a new interoperable Association Management System connecting CMA to 42 component medical organizations and related subsidiaries. Lewis earned his MBA from the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business. In 2017, he was named CFO of the Year by the Sacramento Business Journal.