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Experiential Design Thinking: How Shifting Your Paradigm Solve Your Medical Society's Unsolvable Problems

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Association Management
Mallory Gott, MA, CAE
47 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Jul 16, 2020
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Medical society’s design experiences everyday. Rather than experiences, however, they’re often referred to by other names: annual conferences, non-dues revenue generating products, membership packages, onboarding processes and the like. Join veteran experiential designer, Mallory Gott, MA, CAE, for a hands-on exploration of how to apply experiential design, the art of defining the dream state of any experience and then designing it, can not only infuse new energy into your society’s portfolio of offerings but also inject simplicity, ease and fun back into bringing your society’s mission to life.



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Founded by long-time association leader, Mallory Gott, MA, CAE, G+A is a full-service experiential design firm specializing in event, learning and customer experience creation. For nearly 15 years, Mallory has traveled the globe designing amazing experiences for people from all walks of life and across a breadth of industries and specialties. From bespoke leadership retreats for the most discerning audiences to conference and tradeshow adventures for thousands, G+A works with for- and non-profit clients alike whose goal is to create the world’s greatest experiences. Our motto: Define the dream. Design the dream. Mallory honed her experiential design skills working with leading corporations and non-profit groups across North America, Europe and Asia developing learning and event experiences that married creativity, results orientation and precision execution. Mallory is a long-time certified associate executive and holds a master’s degree in human performance improvement, which is a fancy name for organizational development. She’s bilingual (English + French) because it’s much more fun ordering pastries en Français, and she loves a good fantasy fiction book to keep her busy while moving through the airports of the world!