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Incorporating Leadership at all Levels into your Team Culture

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Association Management |  Leadership
Christina Rowe |  Steve R. Smith
1 hour, 50 Minutes (Two Parts)
Audio and Video
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Jul 27, 2018
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Medical Society executives work with a variety of individuals, including committee and board members in addition to colleagues in various roles. This requires a delicate balancing act and at times, can cause strains on a team’s communication and interactions with one another. Integrating a strong sense of individual leadership at every level can be achieved through positive strength-based focus and techniques. This session will examine how tools associated with StrengthFinder 2.0 can help identify and build leaders at every level in an organization and create positive team habits for staff and volunteers.

Educational Objectives and/or Takeaways:

  • Identify 34 different individual areas of strength
  • Understand how unique talents can be leveraged to improve teamwork and productivity
  • Develop strategies for using Strength-based leadership



Credits Offered: 2

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Christina Rowe's Profile

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The Collaborative LLC

Christina Rowe, MSOL and Gallup Certified Coach, Leadership and Team Development Expert, The Collaborative Christina Rowe is originally from Chicago, by way of St. Louis, but now calls Denver and the nearby mountains home. Her career started in association management before she had even finished college with a position at the British Renal Society, and continued when she returned to Chicago working with trade and medical associations. Christina is Gallup-trained in Strength-based coaching for individuals, management, and teams. She has her Master of Science in Organizational Leadership, which concentrated on successful organizational development, change, and culture. Christina has seen strength-based methods change entire organizations as well as individual lives. She has worked with board of directors in many fields, as well as leaders in their industries from medical specialties, technology, construction, to creative production. Christina has presented at a variety of conferences and learning experiences, including AAMSE the past couple year where she was deeply moved by the passion she saw in the AAMSE members for supporting their members. Christina is passionate about sharing tools and practical tactics that make all of us a better daily leader and create positive change and impactful cultures. Presenter website:

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