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Online Member Communities; The Good, The Bad, and THE POTENTIAL

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Emily Muse CAE |  Christina Rowe
56 Minutes
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Jul 23, 2020
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Associations provide education, advocacy and other “published” member benefits, but with loneliness reaching epidemic numbers in recent years the real opportunity to be a valuable asset to members is through the community and connectivity an association can create. Associations are perfectly situated to reduce the spread of toxic loneliness, and teach individuals how to be part of and contribute to a thriving community! Twenty-eight percent of young employees are frequently or constantly feeling burned out at work, a 7 percent increase over older generations. More specifically, seven in 10 Millennials experience at least some burnout at work. More than 90 percent of Generation Z prefer to have a human element to their teams, either working solely with innovative co-workers or with co-workers and new technologies. (Ryan Jenkins for Inc.) This session will provide practical ways associations keep members engaged and enthusiastic about volunteer opportunities as well as foster a sense of belonging through building authentic communities.



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Emily Muse CAE's Profile

Emily Muse CAE Related Seminars and Products

Director, Membership & Community Engagement

American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine

Emily came to the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine in 2010, taking on a role to grow and managing a handful of member communities. In her current role with AAHPM, she serves as the staff liaison to over 40 member communities including the Hospice Medicine Council, Academic Palliative Medicine Council, all Academy Special Interest Groups and Forums. Emily worked to launch the Academy's online communication platform, Connect. She is an active AAMSE member, lecturer in the AAMSE 360 program and a Leadership Academy attendee. As a former teacher, she is able to integrate instructional and motivational skills when working with members. Helping members better understand how their association functions encourages their active participation in programs and initiatives. LinkedIn: Twitter: @EmilyAMuse

Christina Rowe's Profile

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The Collaborative LLC

Christina Rowe, MSOL and Gallup Certified Coach, Leadership and Team Development Expert, The Collaborative Christina Rowe is originally from Chicago, by way of St. Louis, but now calls Denver and the nearby mountains home. Her career started in association management before she had even finished college with a position at the British Renal Society, and continued when she returned to Chicago working with trade and medical associations. Christina is Gallup-trained in Strength-based coaching for individuals, management, and teams. She has her Master of Science in Organizational Leadership, which concentrated on successful organizational development, change, and culture. Christina has seen strength-based methods change entire organizations as well as individual lives. She has worked with board of directors in many fields, as well as leaders in their industries from medical specialties, technology, construction, to creative production. Christina has presented at a variety of conferences and learning experiences, including AAMSE the past couple year where she was deeply moved by the passion she saw in the AAMSE members for supporting their members. Christina is passionate about sharing tools and practical tactics that make all of us a better daily leader and create positive change and impactful cultures. Presenter website: