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How to Produce Videos for Your Society/Association

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Brent Annear
53 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Jul 26, 2018
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Video is everywhere: Businesses, medical societies, nonprofits, schools, and clubs all use video to communicate. Video is all over social media as well. How do you get in the game? Producing videos for your society or association does not have to be that difficult or costly, regardless of whether you’re the biggest association or the smallest society. Hear practical tips from start to finish about how you can produce videos for your association, from equipment advice to solid user-friendly production techniques – whether you have a big equipment budget or a small one. Your presenter has a background in television news and more than 16 years in state medical association communications.

Educational Objectives and/or Takeaways:

  • Learn basic video production techniques – simple quality-improvement tweaks and some things to avoid
  • Explore some equipment - costly to relatively cheap
  • See how to create video content almost immediately



Credits Offered: 1


As a CAE Approved Provider educational program related to the CAE exam content outline, this program may be applied for credits toward your CAE application or renewal professional development requirements.

Note: This program is not endorsed, accredited, or affiliated with ASAE or the CAE program. Applicants may use any program that meets eligibility requirements in the specific time frame towards the exam application or renewal. There are no specific individual courses required as part of the applications – selection of eligible education is up to the applicant based on his/her needs.


Brent Annear's Profile

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Director, Media Relations and PR

Texas Medical Association

Brent Annear is the Texas Medical Association’s associate vice president of media relations and leadership advancement. Before his career change to organized medicine, Brent worked nearly two decades in television news. He also has enjoyed volunteering for a variety of nonprofit organizations, having served both in top board leadership roles and as an “in the trenches” member of the team.