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Using Member Personas for Smarter Marketing and Increased Engagement

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Shannon Goecke |  Elizabeth Lukrich
39 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Jul 27, 2017
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There is no “one size fits” all approach to membership marketing. To meaningfully communicate the value of membership and drive member engagement, it is critical to identify your different member segments and understand their values and motivators. Personas – fictional characters created to represent different types of actual members – can help inform these efforts. The presenters will share their experiences synthesizing data from member surveys, censuses, and focus groups to develop member personas, as well as best practices for creating targeted messaging that raise awareness of membership benefits, encourage member participation, and increase retention.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop a membership segmentation strategy
  • Use member data to develop member personas and targeted messaging
  • Use a CRN to segment, deliver targeted messaging, and measure engagement



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Shannon Goecke Related Seminars and Products

Manager of Membership & Marketing

California Academy of Family Physicians

Shannon Goecke is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area. She joined the California Academy of Family Physicians (CAFP) in spring 2016 as Director of Membership and Marketing. She was previously Director of Communications and Membership at the San Mateo County Medical Association for four years. Before making the leap to medical societies, she handled communications and membership for county bar associations for more than a decade. She holds a BA in literature and an MA in creative writing.

Elizabeth Lukrich Related Seminars and Products

Manager of Communications and Social Media

California Academy of Family Physicians

Elizabeth "Lizzy" Lukrich is Manager of Communications and Social Media at California Academy of Family Physicians. She graduated from UC Davis in 2015 and is thrilled to have joined the CAFP team.