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Michael Kumer

Founder and CEO

Boards Made to Order

Michael Kumer is the CEO of Boards Made to Order, a boutique consulting practice that enables nonprofit boards to make a difference, leave a legacy, and change the world. Michael assists nonprofit boards successfully achieve excellence in all areas of governance, including long-range planning, board member recruitment, and effective board structure.

An enthusiastic, energetic and inspiring speaker, Michael’s presentations have enjoyed a cumulative enrollment of thousands of board members, staff and volunteers representing hundreds of nonprofit agencies. He is a frequent guest speaker on the topic of board leadership at regional and national conferences. In addition to his many clients in the US, Michael’s international roster includes clients from India, Jamaica, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Russia, and South Africa.

Prior to founding Boards Made to Order, Michael was the Executive Director of Duquesne University’s Nonprofit Leadership Institute (NLI), and Associate Dean of the University's School of Leadership and Professional Advancement.

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What Do GREAT Boards (and Great Board Members!) Actually DO?

Michael Kumer
1 hour, 3 Minutes
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Jul 25, 2019
Short Description:
Boards often are uncertain about what to do, or how best to serve the organization. You’re in for a surprise as you learn traditional AND innovative ways that highly effective, peak-performing boards ...
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