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Philip G. Forte

President/Chief Executive Officer

Blue Sky Broadcast

Philip has been involved in the formation and development of successful technology companies for the meetings industry for over 20 years. Blue Sky eLearn is a leader in developing fully managed web events and elearning platforms for scientific and medical associations as well as the life science industry. Prior to Blue Sky eLearn, he co-founded and was president of Ascendent Systems, a leading developer of mobility voice communications for events and mobile workers. Philip also formed Travelers Telecom, a provider of short-term communications solutions for trade shows, conferences and high end traveling executives. Philip's company, Blue Sky eLearn, is an active AAMSE member.

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On Demand

How Technology Continues to Revolutionize Continuing Education

Philip G. Forte |  Holly Dorr
35 Minutes
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Jul 27, 2018
Short Description:
This session will explore how to utilize virtual and digital technology to take your eLearning program to the next level. Taking real-world experiences from our clients, you’ll also learn tips and tri...
$20.00 - Base Price

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