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Jeremy Bonfini

Allegheny County Medical Society

Jeremy has deployed membership and marketing campaigns on three continents and in Western Pennsylvania.  He believes in the strong role of content in engaging audiences to grow membership and increase non-dues revenue for financially sustainable non-profits. In organized medicine, Jeremy is search of the perfect alignment between medical societies at all levels to solve the very pressing challenges of healthcare.  He believes our shared vision can only be achieved through collaborations that are mutually supportive, appreciative of the value each society offers, and delivers solutions to the problems that galvanize our members.

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Why Your Members Are Ignoring You and What You Can Do About It!

Jeremy Bonfini |  Rick Cancelliere |  Jim Ireland
1 hour
Audio and Video
Original Program Date:
Jul 25, 2019
Short Description:
If your finger is hovering over the e-mail blast button, stop and join this break-out session. More e-mail from your Society, could equal less engagement and, even worse, more unsubscribes. Even if y...
$40.00 - Base Price

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