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Rick Cancelliere

Founder and CEO


Rick Cancelliere is a nationally recognized, award-winning entrepreneur with expertise in healthcare technology.  Rick loves to build technology that saves lives. Rick launched Treatspace in 2012 with this goal in mind. The company has continued to grow steadily since 2012. In November 2014, at the Global Action Summit in Nashville, Tennessee, Treatspace received a $1 million Innovation Award for the impact the software has on medical practices and patients. 

Treatspace builds life-saving health networks for medical practices and hospitals. Through its unique software solutions, Treatspace is able to optimize care coordination and referral management for quality and cost minded medical practices.  By creating meaningful connections between patients and physicians, Treatspace improves the health of its communities. 

The Small Business Association named Rick Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2006 for consistently propelling medical clients into lead roles within their categories.  His medical design firm was repeatedly ranked amongst Pittsburgh's top advertising and web design firms. In 2009, Rick launched Nerve Medical, a technology agency specializing in medical startups. Working with co-founders at Carnegie Mellon Project Olympus, Treatspace launched in 2012 with Rick as its CEO.

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Why Your Members Are Ignoring You and What You Can Do About It!

Jeremy Bonfini |  Rick Cancelliere |  Jim Ireland
1 hour
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Jul 25, 2019
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If your finger is hovering over the e-mail blast button, stop and join this break-out session. More e-mail from your Society, could equal less engagement and, even worse, more unsubscribes. Even if y...
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