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William A. Jerome

President/Chief Strategist

CrossRoads Strategies, Ltd.

Bill Jerome is a student of organizational cultures and obstacles that prevent the success of change agents and visionaries. He is a co-author of the recently published “The Disposable Visionary: a Survival Guide for Change Agents” [Praeger ABC-CLIO]. Bill earned his Master in Management from Northwestern's Kellogg School and, with the concept of creating an "indispensable brand," worked for over 20 years with over 200 companies, associations and executives (including numerous medical societies) to empower leaders who can inspire vision and innovation. For the last 10 years, he has researched the irony behind change agents:  that most companies that say they want change to end up firing those employees who could bring the most value, including CEO's, executive directors and managers. He has provided a series of assessments on corporate cultures that obstruct innovation and even exist in companies that are often and mistakenly praised for an empowering culture. Building on his career as a vision and leadership consultant, he is currently the Chief Storyteller for the country's largest Christian school system.

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How to Protect and Empower the Change Agents in your Association (Including Yourself!)

William A. Jerome |  Curt Powell
1 Hour, 15 Minutes
Audio and Video
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Jul 28, 2017
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Associations need visionaries to provide breakthrough ideas for their members. But too often, when such employees are found and hired, their tenure is much shorter than anticipated! (And maybe it's h...
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